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CSR In Thailand

Social Values : Support 50 scholarships to navy’s children and financial contribution to Sea Turtle Conservation Center at Sattaheep, Cholburi (Jun 30, 2012)

June 30, 2012, DAIICHI SANKYO (THAILAND) LTD. (DSTH) has a commitment to social and environment sustainability efforts. We are promising to strengthen and continue to promote on raising awareness of social and environment. DSTH staff and stakeholders united at Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Sattaheep to attend the lecture of sea turtle and visited a museum providing its history with shelters inspection led by navy officers. Then, at the beach we released turtle babies to the sea with silently hoped them have their safety journey. By consideration of the important conservation of sea turtle, DSTH made a financial contribution to support its shelters’ construction. At the same time, on social value basis, we also supported 50 scholarships to Navy’s children by realizing that education has play an important role on driving innovation and the growth of community. We, all staff and stakeholders, pride ourselves on being involved in sharing on social responsibility.


DAIICHI SANKYO (THAILAND) Ltd. will pursue the corporate mission of contributing to the enrichment of quality of life around the world through the creation and provision of innovative pharmaceuticals.